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Wednesday, February 13, 2008




(Annexure VU to F.R.)

(1) Casual leave is a concession to Employees to enable them in special

circumstances to be absent from duty fro short periods.

(2) The period of absence under casual leave shall be treated as duty for all purposes.

That is the period will count for increment, leave, pension, etc.,

(3) Total casual leave allowed to the employees in calendar year is 12 days.

(4) The leave, including Government holidays, available at a time should not exceed 10 days. If the eleventh day is unexpectedly declared as holiday(s) the total leave in that case, may exceed ten days - G.O.Ms.No.309, P&A.R.dt.


(5) The leave may also be combined with compensatory leave or holidays and the

total of all leave availed of at a time should not exceed 10 days.

(6) Casual leave should not be combined with E.L. or UEL etc.,

(7) Employees appointed under emergency provisions and who are likely to be ousted

at any time, their eligibility for casual leave shall be calculated with reference to the period actually spent by them on duty and shall be proportionately restricted. As a working principle, they shall be given three days CL for every two months.

(8) Advance application of CL need not contain the purpose for which the CL is

Requested - G.O.Ms.No.1410, P&A.R.dt.2.12.77

(9) Application for leave (or extension of leave) must be given either before the

leave is taken or at the time of joining duty – G.O.lbid.

(10) Employees irrespective of the office hours are eligible for 12days, CL-


(11) When CL is not available at the credit, they may take E.L.for short spells by

sending advance intimation – Ruling (3) under F.R.67.

(12) Contingent employees are also eligible for CL if they have completed 30days

of duty – G.O.Ms.No.1180, P&A.R.dt.15.12.1986(Whether C.L.has to be given with reference to duty period? (for those retiring in the early part or the year)

Some people are under the wrong impression that CL should be sanctioned with reference to the duty period. In some cases, CL is refused to the employees who retire in the earlier part of the year. It is not correct CL may be sanctioned to an approved Probationer without any reference to the period spent on duty. 12days CL may be allowed in January itself to an employee. Only condition is that the CL availed at a lime should not exceed ten days including holiday and compensatory leave ( Eleven days, in case, the Eleventh day is declared as a holiday) – Govt.Lr.No.61559/82-4, P&A.R.dt.17.1.1983.

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