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Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Letter (Ms.)No.1574 Health



Commissioner and Secretary to Government.


Dated, Fort.St. George, 11th August 1986.

Sub: Tamil Nadu Medical Service – Tamil Nadu Assistant Surgeons Association – Request for grant of 20days compensatory leave clarification.

Ref : i. From the Tamil Nadu Assistant Surgeons Association, letter Ref:No.32/85

dated : 28.10.85.

ii. From the Director of Medical Services and Family Welfare, letter

Ref: Ho.27568/B4/I/86 dt.17.4.86.

iii. From the Director of Medical Education, letter Ref : No.10332/E3/3/86


I am directed to invite attention to your letter cited and to state that according

to paragraph 889 of the Tamil Nadu Medical code, no Government Servant shall be

entitled to a credit of more than 20 compensatory Holidays in all in a calendar year.

Again in G.O.-2218, Public (Misc.J Department, dated 14.12.1984, it has been

ordered, among other things, that in the cases of ‘A’ and ‘B’ group officials, if the

occasions of their attendance on holidays become so regular as to make it almost a

matter of routine, they would be eligible to claim compensatory holidays.

2. I am, therefore, to request that the above orders may be brought to the notice of the officer’s under your control and they may be instructed to follow these orders strictly without any room for complaints. A copy of the instructions issued in this regard may be sent to Government for information, in due course.

Yours faithfully,

For Commissioner & Secretary to Government

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