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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


LETTER No. 41407/B2/88-4 Health Dated 22.11.1988.


Thiru N. Narayanan, IAS.,

Commissioner and Secretary to Government.


The President,

Tamil Nadu Assistant Surgeon's Association,

Government Rajaji Hospital,



Sub : Tamil Nadu Medical Service- Tamil Nadu Assistant Surgeon's

Association – Provision of Vehicles to Assistant Surgeon to attend call duty - Regarding.

Ref: Your letter No. 24/88 dated 6.5.88.

I am directed to state that as per the rule contained in the Tamil Nadu Financial Code, ie, Schedule I, Rule7(b) of appendix 27 the Assistant Surgeons are permitted to use the Ambulance vans for Call duty purposes for performing emergency duty and operations.

Yours faithfully,

For Commissioner and Secretary to Government,


  1. call duty guidelines for an anesthesiologist when there only 2 anesthesiologist working in a to be opened Medical college like Tiruvarur Medical College.


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