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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


If a women employee adopts a child, she is eligible for leave as indicated below subject to the following conditions-G.O.Ms. No. 342 Social Welfare dt, 8-12-95 and Govt Lr.No.21559/SW-V/96-3 Social Welfare dt 14-2-97.

(i) The women employee should not already have two living children.

(ii) The maximum admissible leave is one year and be given without production of

Medical Certificate. The leave will be as illustrated below.

v If the age of the adopted child is less than one month, leave upto one year be allowed.

v If the age of the child is six months or more, leave upto six months be allowed.

v If the age of the child is nine months or more, leave upto three months be allowed.

v That is, she is eligible for a maximum of one year leave excluding the completed months of the baby.

(iii) She may be given any eligible leave.

(iv) A Certificate from the Recognized voluntary Institution that the applicant legally adopted the child should be produced.

(v) Adoption may be made from relatives or outside.

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