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Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Allowance to Doctors

(i) Non Practicing Allowance

· Existing rate of non-practicing allowance of Rs.300/- Rs.450/- and Rs.500/- payable to Medical Officers shall be enhanced to Rs.600/- Rs.900/- and 1000/- respectively w.e.f. 1-9 -98 – G.O. Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.

· The existing rate of other compensatory allowance payable to Medical Officers for restricted private practice shall be enhanced from Rs.125/- to Rs.250/- p.m. (w.e.f. 1-9-98) – G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.

(ii) Over – Coat Allowance

The existing rate of overcoat allowance is increased as given below (w.e.f.1-9-98)-G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance at.1-9-98.

*Assistant Civil Surgeons

From Rs.175 to Rs.265/- per annum

* Civil Surgeons

From Rs.200 to Rs.300/- per annum

(iii) Post – Mortem Allowance

The post-mortem allowance shall be as detailed below (w.e.f. 1-9-98)-G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.1-9-98.


*One Medical Officer


*One Mortuary Assistant


*One Scientific Assistant or Steno Typist


*One Lab Technician from Forensic Science Department


*One Basic Servant


(iv) Director of Medical and Rural Health Section

*One M.O.


*One Mortuary Attendant or one Sanitary Worker


*One Pharmacist


(v) Leprosy Allowance /Special Leprosy Allowance

Existing rate of Leprosy Allowance shall be doubled w.e.f.1-9-98

G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.

(vi) Rural Allowance

(a) Medical Officers working in Primary Health Centres shall be allowed special pay of Rs.300/-p.m.w.e.f.1-9-98-G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt 15-9-98.

(b) Medical Officers working in the Primary Health Centres, in addition to special pay, will be allowed Rural Allowance as given below (effect 1-9-98) G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.

*Those provided with quarters

Rs.375/- p.m

*Those not provided with quarters


(vii) Clerical Allowance

This allowance has been enhanced form Rs.30/- to Rs.60/- p.m.

(w.e.f.1-9-98) G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.

Allowance to Drivers

(a) This allowance is enhanced at the following rates w.e.f.1G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.

*Drivers in Secretariat/State Guest House/Motor Cycle Drivers of Public Department

From Rs.115/- to Rs.175/-p.m.

*Drivers attached to Ministers

From Rs.125/- to Rs.190/-

(b) Out of pocket allowance payable to drivers working in the officers outside the Secretariat shall be enhanced from Rs.10/- to Rs.15/- per day (effect 1-9-98)-G.O.Ms..No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.

Office Accommodation Allowance

The allowance payable to Assistant Public Prosecutors shall be enhanced as detailed below (effect 1-9-98)-G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.

*For A.P.P.Grade I

From Rs.90/- to 180/-

*For A.P.P.Grade II

From Rs.60/- to 120/-

Training Allowance

Existing rate of Training Allowance paid at 15% shall be reduced to 10% in the revised pay scales (effect 1-9-98)-G.O.Ms.No.493 Finance dt.15-9-98.


(a) Medical allowance of Rs.15 was sanctioned w.e.f.1.7.88-G.O.Ms.No.515

Finance dt.26.7.88 from 1.4.94, the allowance was increased to Rs.30. The employees are also permitted to exercise option to choose either Reimbursement Facility or Medical Allowance – G.O.Ms.No.293 Finance dt.4.4.94. The allowance has been increased to Rs.50 w.e.f.1.12.95 – G.O.Ms.No.927 Finance dt.14.12.95.

(b) This allowance is not admissible during the period of suspension, surrender leave and retirement leave – Govt.Lr.No.34419/All-I/89-2 Finance dt.5.5.89 and Govt.Lr.No.107557/All-1/S9-2 dt.8.1.91. (Please note that the allowance shall also be allowed during other kinds of leave).

( c ) The employees drawing this allowance are also eligible to reimburse the cost of spectacles – govt.Lr.No.141170/All-I/90-3 Finance dt.27.12.90.

(d) A servicing employees is eligible either for Medical Allowance or Medical

Reimbursement facility. He cannot draw two facilities one for his Service and another for he being a family pensioner – Govt.Lr.No.104770/Pen/94-I Finance dt.17.2.95.

(e) If both husband and wife are serving in Government of Tamil Nadu and op

For this allowance, both will be given this allowance, Govt.Lr.No.3304/All-1/90-3 Finance dt.17.11.93.

(f) Where both are State Government employees it is not necessary that both

should choose Medical Allowance, One may choose Medical allowance and the other for the reimbursement facility. But the spouse drawing Reimbursement facility should not claim any charges in respect of the spouse claiming the Medical Allowance. For this a certificate should be obtained from the office where the spouse is working and pasted in the Service Book – Govt.Lr.No.3304/92-1/Sal-I/ Finance dt.17.11.93.

(g) Where the spouse of an employee avails of Medical facility in the Central

Government, the allowance be allowed on the production of certificate that no claim is preferred in respect of the spouse working in the State Government – Govt.Lr.ibid. The same limitation applies to cases where the spouse is working in a private firm – Govt.Lr.ibid.

(h) Menials paid from contingencies are not eligible for Medical Allowance –

Govt.Lr.No.30421/All-I/89-1 Finance dt.5.5.89.

(i) An employee is drawing Medical Allowance. He or his family member had to

be treated in a private hospital in emergency. In that case, the expenditure incurred by him can also be reimbursed even through he is drawing Medical Allowance - Govt.Lr.No.85009/Sal-I/92-4 Finance dt.9.3.93.

(j) In the G.O.Ms.No.732 Finance dt.29.8.88, the Government introduced the

scheme of Medical allowance with provision for option. That is an employee may opt to receive Medical Allowance or Reimbursement facility. They cannot draw both.



(a) Employees who are Approved Probationers are eligible to reimburse the

Cost of Medicines purchased by them for self and their family members –Rule (4) of Medical Reimbursement Rules.

(b) Employees joined Service on or after 21.4.95 are eligible for Medical

Allowance only and not for Medical Reimbursement facility G.O.Ms.No.261 Health dt.21.4.95 and Govt.Lr.No.82611/AD2/93-I8 Health dt.21.4.95.

( c ) Temporary employees are also eligible to reimburse the cost of Medicines

to self and not to any of the family members. They can avail of this facility during the period of leave subject to the condition that they would continue to be Government employees during the period of leave – G.O.Ms.No.2696 Health dt.19.11.70 and Govt.Lr.No.208101/T1/80-6 Health dt.9/80. Employees appointed on or after 21.04.95 are not eligible for Reimbursement facility. They are eligible for Medical Allowance.

(d) Employees appointed under consolidated pay are also eligible for this Facility but only to self and not to any of the family members – Govt.Lr.No.20810/T1/80-6 Health dt.9/80. (From 21.04.95, they are not eligible)

(e) Reimbursement of Medical Expenses on venereal diseases, Delirium Treatment is not admissible – G.O.Ms.No.2380 Health dt.19.12.69 (Hand Book)

Who are the family members?

The following are the family members for this purpose. They should be fully dependent on the employee : G.O.Ms.No.1357 Health dt.1.6.62.

(i) Wife (one or more wives), Husband in the case of female employees

(ii) Children

(iii) Adopted son or daughter – G.O.Ms.No.1242Health dt.28.5.70

(iv) Step children

(v) Step Mother – G.O.Ms.No.2460 Health dt.25.11.64

(vi) Deserted/ Divorced/Widowed Daughter

(vii) Widowed Mother

(viii) Un-married sister - G.O.Ms.No.1769 Health dt.1.10.67

(ix) Widowed Sister - G.O.Ms.No.2688 Health dt.28.10.71

(x) Adopted Father - G.O.Ms.No.2743 Health dt.8.11.71

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