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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


( F.R. 83 and 84)

An officer, permanent or nonpermanent if disabled by injury either natural or accidental while discharging his functions may not continue to perform his offical function. Under these conditions, the officer needs leave and the leave so granted for treatment is called “ SPECIAL DISABILITY LEAVE”. The leave may also sanctioned even after some time provided that the disability manifests within three months from the date of accident.

The above leave should be sanctioned only on the advice of the Medical Board.

Maximum Special Disability Leave allowed to an officer is 24 months. If the disability is reproduced later on, this may again be sanctioned subject to the maximum of 24 months in respect of any one disability. Following hints may be taken note of –

(1) The duties should be risk prone as Police Constables etc.,

(2) The leaves shall be allowed to the maximum of 24 months.

(3) The leaves shall again be sanctioned if the disability recurs.

(4) The Heads of the Departments alone are competent to sanction this leave .

Leave Salary :

The leave salary shall be at the rate of full pay for 120 days. Remaining period shall be paid at the rate of half pay and allowances.


( F.R.84 and Rules in Annex, in Appx.II)

(1) This leave shall be granted to officers to study scientific or technical problems or to undergo special courses or instructions either inside or outside India.

(2) This leave shall normally be granted to gazetted officers only.

(3) The officer should have a minimum service of five years and at the same time should not retire from service within three years from the date of deputation or training.

(4) This leave may be granted upto 12 months at a time and upto 24 months in all.

(5) During Study Leave , the officers shall be paid half pay and a fixed rate of study allowance for each day.

(6) The period of study allowance paid to the officer should not exceed 24 months.

(7) This leave may be combined with any other leave. But the total of study leave sanctioned in continuation should not exceed 28 months.

(8) This leave is debitable against the leave account .

(9) The periof of “Study Leave” will count for the purpose of pension, promotion, increment etc., but not for the purpose of calculation of E.L.

(10) This leave should be sanctioned only by the Government and not subordinate

officer is empowered to sanction this leave.

(11) During study leave, no other shall be sanctioned – G.O.Ms. No. 488, P &A.R.

dt. 23-5-83.

The Government have given consolidated instructions regarding Study Leave in G.O. Ms. No. 145 P & A.R. dt. 14-3-96.


( F.R. 101 (a) & G.O. Ms. No. 1190 P&A.R. Dated 25-10-1978)

(1) Married women employees may be sanctioned maternity leave in case of miscarrying or abortion or Medical termination or pregnancy irrespective the number of abortion. Sterilisation is also not necessary – G.O. Ms.No. 237 P&A.R.. Dt.29-6-93.

(2) The period of leave shall he granted for six weeks from the date of abortion or Medical termination of pregnancy.

(3) The condition to sanction this leave is that abortion or Medical termination of pregnancy should have taken place after 12 weeks but before 20 weeks of pregnancy. The termination of pregnancy should have been performed in Government Hospitals or other Institutions approved under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971- G.O. Ms. No.1190,P&A.R., dated 25-10-1978.

(4) The certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner authorized under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act may also be accepted for this purpose-G.O. Ms. No.1684, Health and Family Welfare, dated 21-7-1977.

(5) In respect of Temporary employees, the available E.L. at credit shall first be exhausted and balance be allowed as Maternity Leave.

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