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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Special TNPSC 2007 Results

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Urgent : CML / DataBase Updation :

All the members have to ensure updation of their particulars through CMO / DDHS / JDHS / Dean. If left out it will lead to cumbersome procedure later on.

Due on
20th Sep 2009 for DMS Side
25th Sep 2009 for DPH Side

It is very important for getting promotions due through our Agitation
State Secretary

Please ensure Particulars of all doctors in your district are entered. The Spreadsheets are also available at

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Urgent Message regarding Promotion GO Implementation

District Office Bearers are requested to contact JDHS / DDHS Office MO Section Assistant / Superindent for Updating Doctors' Database in prescribed proforma which is important for implementing Promotion GO

DMS / DPH are sending directions today

Please ensure Particulars of all doctors in your district are entered
The Spreadsheets are also available at
State Secretary

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Directorate of Medical and Rural Health Services – Rationalisation of posts of doctor – Creation of additional posts of Assistant Surgeon – Revision of method of counselling

For the GO, please click here

The salient points of the GO are

7. The Government have examined the proposal of the Director of Medical and Rural Health Services and the Project Director, Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project in detail and decided to accept the proposal subject to certain modifications.
8. (a) Accordingly the Government
(i) sanction 434 additional posts of Assistant Surgeon in the scale of pay of Rs.15600 - 39100 + G.P. Rs.5400 for a period of one year from the date of issue of Government Order at an estimated recurring
expenditure of Rs.21.99 crores per annum to meet the requirements in the current round of rationalisation of Director of Medical and Rural Health Services run hospitals in the State as a whole; and
(ii) notify all posts of Assistant Surgeon in Government Hospitals under
the control of Director of Medical and Rural Health Services, the
posts proposed to be sanctioned and the posts already sanctioned
under Tamil Nadu Health System Project as that of specific specialist
post or MBBS post.
(b) The Government also direct that
(i) the doctors with Diplomate of National Board (Dip. NB) qualification be considered as equivalent to Post graduate degree in the respective speciality;
(ii) the deputation of specialists working on Foreign service in dispensaries such as TNEB, Central Prison, Rehabilitation Home, Juvenile Home, Police Hospital etc., and ESI Dispensaries be revoked and all dispensary category posts be notified as MBBS posts and all posts in Government dispensaries and Mobile Medical Units be designated as MBBS posts;
(iii) all posts in Primary Health Centres be designated as MBBS posts with only upgraded Primary Health Centres to have one post that is designated as a DGO/Female MBBS doctor post wherein a DGO or a
Female MBBS Doctor be permitted to occupy the post subject to the condition that the MBBS posts shall not be filled up with specialists, unless that speciality has a surplus strength at the State level;
(iv) the process of earmarking of posts, identifying doctors in Government Hospitals speciality wise, as detailed in the Annexure-I & II (speciality-wise designation of posts in Government
Dispensaries, TB Centres and other institutions under the control of the Director of Medical and Rural Health Services) and Annexure-III (Designation of posts for foreign service institutions) to this order, counselling sessions and postings have to be completed first and the recruitment process be commenced only after that in a serial order and not parallely;

(v) the posts sanctioned under Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project be included as part of the overall sanctioned strength and
(vi) doctors having Postgraduate diploma qualification be transferred to the Director of Medical Education controlled Medical College and Hospitals only against the existing vacancy in their specialities until a doctor with Postgraduate degree qualification is found and posted accordingly.
(c) The Government approve the following counselling methodology in filling-up of both MBBS and specialists posts:-
i) At the initial stage, the posts earmarked for particular specialists will be informed hospital-wise publicly in the department and on a web-site so as to ensure that all doctors in the department are properly informed.
ii) In the first phase, the available specialists in each Government Hospital, depending on their willingness, will be accommodated according to station seniority in the sanctioned speciality posts of that institution.
iii) Then, a list of persons for whom sanctioned speciality posts are not available in their current / present working station will be prepared by the Director of Medical and Rural Health Services. Simultaneously, a list of vacant positions in each hospital will be prepared and notified on the website and in the Joint Director's office throughout the State. The list shall also be displayed in the Director of Medical and Rural Health
Services office. The list shall be displayed on the website as well.
iv) Following these preparatory steps, speciality-wise counseling based on service seniority at the state level will be carried out. In this phase, Civil Medical List seniority for those applicable and date of joining in service for others shall be the determining factor for being posted into an existing vacancy.
(d) The Government also approve
(i) the filling up of all vacancies that arise out of the proposed counselling immediately through Employment Exchange under rule 10(a)(i) in consultation with the Tamilnadu Public Service Commission and
(ii) the filling up of all Senior Civil Surgeon posts (including Dental Senior Civil Surgeon) with persons in the same speciality of a lesser rank in the event of non-availability of Senior Civil Surgeons till suitable persons become available from subsequent panels.
(e) The orders issued in the Government Order second read above, prescribing minimum three years of rural service for the candidates selected by the Tamilnadu Public Service Commission for the post of Assistant Surgeon in Tamil Nadu Medical Services as compulsory are hereby cancelled. The Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine is directed to send suitable proposal to Government to delete the relevant rule from the Special Rules for the post of Assistant Surgeon.
(f) In supersession of the orders issued in the Government order first read above, the Government impose ban on diversion and re-deployment of specialists to institutions other than to which they have been posted to, with immediate effect unless there is a vacancy that is affecting the medical services of another institution as
compared to the institution from which a person is to be diverted.
(g) The Pay and Accounts Officers, Treasury Officers are directed to honour the Pay bills only if the doctors with the prescribed qualification for the sanctioned posts are posted in the respective posts by incorporating in the pay bill a certificate by the Pay Drawing Officer as prescribed by the Director of Treasuries and Accounts.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Current Status as on 31.8.2009 
  • The Committee formed to study the demands of TNGDA ubder the Chairmanship of the Special Secretary Finance has submitted the main report on the time bound promotions (person-oriented promotion to those who do not get regular promotions by 8, 15 and 20 years), creation of extra cadres @ new scales to ensure better promotion opportunities and VRS on 31.7.2009.
  • The report has been accepted by the govt. – in health, P & AR and Finance.
  • The file is on circulation
  • Hope to get the G.O. by the end of first week on the above issues.
  • The supplementary report on our demands on allowances to our cadres is in the final stages. To be finalized shortly. (delay due to the swine-flu work)
  • After this the report is to be accepted by the govt. @ Health, P&AR and Finance.
  • After a mandatory circulation, G.O.s will be issued.
  • TNGDA Representatives in the Committee – State President and the State Secretary with the active involvement of the state cabinet members are actively following the progress in the issues with all dedication on day today basis.

Overall, the situation is positive. The govt. stands committed to the assurances in the agreement. Other details will be conveyed after the issuance of G.O. 
Other issues:
  1. SCS BMOs – G.O. Ms No 197 dated 10.7.2009 issued.
  2. Fixing up of seniority – to Panchayat Union Doctors – G.O. issued.
  3. Revise duty timings of medical officers in PHC: The Committee has finalized the timings. Final sitting on 4.9.2009. Will be submitted to the govt. possibly the same day. Details after submission.
  4. 434 new posts created in DMS side. Rationalization G.O. issued. (see website)
  5. Special TNPSC for 10a1 doctors: Pending at TNPSC. Notification expected any day.
  6. Regularization orders to those cleared Special TNPSC (CMC batch): File in circulation. Expected in a day or two.
  7. Probation Declaration: exemption of mandatory administrative training – file cleared in all departments. Pending in HM office. Expected in a day or two.
  8. MMU Medical Officers: Remarks from Mission Director obtained. File getting ready in health dept. for sanction in finance. Once cleared MMU doctors will get treasury pay and pay commission arrears.

State Secretary