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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Tamil Nadu Medical Service – Medical officers – duty on 2nd Saturday of the

month – availing Compensatory leave orders issued.


G.O.MS.HO.779 Dated : 9.7.1992


The Tamil Nadu Government Doctors Association has represented that the Medical Officers may be allowed to avail 2nd Saturday of the month as a holiday as was being allowed till recently.

2) The Government after careful examination have decided to accept the request mentioned in para above. Accordingly, they direct that the Medical Officers who are required to perform duty on the 2nd Saturday of the Month in the normal roster, be entitled for compensatory leave, in lieu of the duty performed, subject to the following conditions:-

i) that this compensatory leave should be availed in such a way that the normal work in this hospital is not affected ;

ii) that the compensatory leave shall be availed only after advance permission from the Medical Officer in charge/Superintendent or Dean of the Hospital and

iii) that no additional staff shall be sanctioned to provide the above facility.

3) The total number of compensatory holidays is restricted to 20 days for a whole year on account of second Saturdays and Public Holidays and this will be taken at the rate of 10 days in each half year.

(By order of the Governor)

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