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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Work and Less Pay for Doctors in Tamil Nadu - An Eye Opener

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  1. With Such poor Pay scale for Doctors who have to strive hard even to get to Medical College and continue to struggle to Get PG and work for long hours.Its painful to see other professionalpeople who are less qualified and work less hours are Paid more.No wonder the glorious profession is not attracting the best brains...............

  2. the tndga seniors cheated the other doctors very badly, for their own benefits. what in the GO forced the office bearers to accept it? except pB4 for which they are the immediate beneficiaries.

  3. Wat has tngda done to those doctors suffering in tiruvarur district in GH , V were forced in these areas by special drive , no signs of transfer even after 1 and half years of work ... Will tngda intervene ?

  4. wat benifit do people working in gh side get over those in phc side.seeing nearly 6-8 24hr duty per month,attending to mlc cases , going to courts,doing postmortem,and getting low pay than them ...dont even get transfer counselling comparing to dph and dme side where they get periodically,NO OTHER REMEDY FOR THIS?


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