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Monday, November 16, 2009

G.O. 354 – Highlights

G.O. 354 – Highlights

  • An excellent G.O. in terms of financial benefit. As this is basically a finance G.O., all administrative orders, procedures in that can be changed any time in-future at the directorate and Health Secretariat.
  • Worth 118 crores + 30 crores as DA + 15 crores as allowances totaling 165 crores per annum.
  • 165 crores per annum for our doctors
  • + An increase in retirement benefits by 2.5 lakhs at present to upto 10 lakhs in future. + increase in monthly pension
  • No other association has achieved such large scale promotions and enhancement in basic pay as correction in an agitation in 50 years in any department in TN.
  • Pb4 possible max by 20 years. Minimum by 9 to 12 years (even 6 Y)
  • IAS in 13 YEARS they reach pb4 (Time bound).
  • UGC - After 12 years on vacancies, they reach pb4
  • Time bound Pb4 only for doctors and IAS in TN
  • By 20 years pb4. ie 1/3rd at any time. Every one some time.
  • 10 out of 30 years in pb4 ie gross from 65000 to 80000.
  • The exclusive club of PB 4. Total TN officers 4000 in pb4.
  • 3000 are doctors. 300 IAS/ IPS. Balance other dept.
  • Every doctor will reach PB 4 and retire. (irrespective of their qualification) 
  • Every doctor will reach the maximum pension. (Upper limit)
  • VRS
  • Better allowances.
  • Correction of 30 years back-log.

Points of concern in G.O. 354:

1. Suggested release of Diploma and MBBS from DME side on first promotion:

  • By now the DME/ Health Secretariat/ Finance Secretariat have agreed to retain Diploma/ MBBS till CCS level.
  • This is same as pre-G.O. state.
  • TNGDA has resolved in Trichy State EC of this. Has sought an amendment to retain and promote them within DME as per the recommendation of Praveen Kumar Committee. (TNGDA formed a part of the committee.)
  • As of now, TNGDA has succeeded in persuading DME/ Health Secretary in retaining diploma/ MBBS doctors upto CCS level. Awaiting finance clearance.
  • DME himself has agreed to take it up as it would affect functioning of many departments.
  • Selfish criticism by certain people accusing this clause is meaning less. For the fear that it may affect them they start criticizing this. (All these years it was like this. Diploma/ MBBS moving out at SCS level promotion. Why such hue and cry now?)
2. Date of implementation:

Not from 1.1.2006. Only from 23.10.2009. Even personal representation was made with Hon’ble CM. Finance department objects to this.

3. Panel / Specialist seniority:
TNGDA always insist on CML seniority. TNGDA Demand: CML is fundamental for promotion and NOT to Panel or Speciality seniority.

4. VRS Cool-off period:
Those non-scarce doctors willing for VRS after 20 years of service before claiming pb4 pay will be allowed VRS. Once they claim pb4 they should stay for 5 years before VRS.
TNGDA to take-up this clause legally.

What do Service PGs get?
  • The service PGs will get regular increments (instead of paper increments)
  • Their PG period will be counted for time-bound promotions.
  • Almost all PGs will get atleast one promotion. First year PGs ie joined service in 2006 will be promoted to SAS and those who joined service before 2005 will be promoted as Civil Surgeons at the time of implementation (one time fitment has no minimum period.
  • To Sum-up - first promotion in 3rd year and two promotions in 5th year is unimaginable. Most likely the orders will be effected in a couple of months.
  • Is it true? Yes, sure.
  • How? Most people get confused with Person Oriented Promotions at 8, 15 and 20 years. (This POP is the maximum time for promotions.) Hence feel the first promotion will be only at 8th year. But apart from POP TNGDA through the Praveen Kumar Committee has increased the promotions. (plz see table below). Through them the quick promotion is possible.

PHC doctors do not benefit by this… some so called organizations. Is it true?
These party based or Public Health Officials instigated forums are all motivated and have vested interest. Their only idea is to blame TNGDA.
But still let us see what would our PHC doctors get.
   By person oriented promotions, PHC doctors are expected to get promotions in 8, 15 and 20 years. But on the recommendations of Praveen Kumar Committee the total posts are upgraded to various cadres and by this increased promotion opportunities,
  • All PHC doctors who have joined service in 2006 (including CMC batch) will be promoted to SAS
  • and those who joined service before 2005 will be promoted as Civil Surgeons next month (at the time of implementation)
  • Almost all PHC doctors who have put in 16 to 17 years will get pb4 scales.
Unbelievable. Yet true.
  • time-bound pb4 scales (Biggest achievement)
  • More allowances – PHC allowance, administrative allowance etc.
  • Central Govt. funded Rural Pay will also be extended to them later on.
  • The best scales for PHC doctor in any state across the country.
  • First time in the history, the PHC timings are reduced by 2 hours and practically NO CALL DUTY.

Let these people show better pay/ promotion scales for PHC doctors in any other state.


B4 G.O.
(including DD, specialists)
After G.O. 354 sanction
+ DD

Break-up and analysis:-

3218 post
(The jr most doctors will be AS)
Vacant posts 900
those who are to write Special TNPSC 2109
those recruited between Feb 2009 and Oct 2009 is 450 doctors
Total is 3459.
So only these junior most doctors will remain AS. Even the 300 doctors in this should get their promotion, but will not be done for want of regularization.
SAS 2163 posts
(Immediate senior batches)
The CMC batch converted to time scale on 1.11.2006 numbering 1300
Regular TNPSC selected in 2005-06 numbering 700
So, all these doctors will get promoted to SAS
CS 927 posts
Those selected between 2002 to 2005 will get fitted to this.
265 Regular TNPSC in 2003.
+ 550 10a1 in 2002

SCS 1235 posts
Probably those selected before 2002 will get here

CCS 1191
Probably all present SAS/ CS/ SCS will be fitted in this. ie those who have 16 years will get Pb4 scales

these are all presumptions based on total posts sanctioned in G.O.354. It may vary from speciality to speciallity. Will be correct by atleast 95%.


Asso. Prof.
Before G.O.
After G.O.
(with TimeBound promotions)

Break-up and analysis:-

  • AP : Associate Prof : Prof = 3233 : 1217 : 15

  • Now it is 1600 : 1500: 1500

  • 2/3rd as self drawing cadres
  • 1/3rd in Pb4
  • + POP at time-bound intervals
  • Almost Inverted pyramid structure


  1. Dear state secretary please dont conduct our association like political party. you think that doctors would accept your goyabulse propaganda because you are genius. yes this is best we can get with compromise. But dont lie too much. how come a person before 2005 get 10000 scale. every lie has a life. your lies would last until implementation. what would you do are supporting medical superindents and RMOs as office bearers in chennai. i request that better deans/JDHS/DDHS can hold tngda president/secretary posts and DME and DPH can be given state posts so that our grievances better resolved than now soon would be thrown out like vijay in last decade. learn from others mistake. too much manipulation of TNGDA in favour of you would lead to break point of throwing you out. If you are really worth, contest an election now in madurai district level and see how many votes you are getting not even 100. if you are potent take this challenge.

  2. dear drs,
    1. all mos who r jioned 2006 will be promoted to SAS.... How is this possible? but Praveen kumar's committee recommendation are entirely different. plz go through the GO very carefully. eligibility criteria for promtion is only prospective not retrospective.
    this eligibility criteria is not time bound.

    2. allowances are not announced till date..Why? we think, you are sacrificed the allowances for GO 354..correct?

    3. is this best scale for mos in all over the country? do you think we are not known anything?

    4. we are asking 8-2 like in other state not 9-4. or plz demand op time like in dms & dme like 8-12.

    5. so called association is based on which party? or which officials are backing up? if any person or assciation tell true facts, then you people called immediatly, they are party based or officials back up or community based....what is this? this democratic country. every one have the rihgt to fihgt to get our rights. no one can blame. if so it means you are immature fellows and..............

  3. Dear Sir,
    kindly post PRAVEEN KUMAR COMMITTEE recommentation,then only we can say definetely that we will get early promotion as claimed by association.
    Kindly give explanation to the comments posted

  4. are doctors, working in nonupgraded panchayat union dipensaries included in the list.what about them, who have been working in them for more than 10 to 15 yrs?you say phc doctors also benefit,please tell whether nonupgraded phc doctors also included or not.

  5. I am Dr.S.Arun raj kumar MBBS,D.Ortho, working as Assistant surgeon at GH-Sirkali. joined in service on 05.07.1999(GO Ms.221,Health dt.28.5.98 - GO Ms.558,Health dt.14.10.98 - TNHSP leter 8371/97 dt 21.1.99 ). what is my present cadre now? please.

  6. am service pg from mmc ,
    all promotion should be based on cml seniority not by speciality seniority

  7. phc dr expressed that you peoples are so wise? than thegeneral politician in showing seen with out acheving anything for anybody. I advise the office bearers of the tngda that do not waste your valuable time to hide the truth and creating halucinations. it is not a place to do politics. if you you want to do politics you can better go to the general politics there the illitertate people may trust you. you are daily creating some unbelievable acheivings not. we feel it is only for election ,nothing else. we doctors are not going to trust you any more or enyoying your films shown by you daily as online shows.if you have really acheicved some thing no need for blaming others or trying to explain unnesessarily . let the time speak.let the go can speak.

  8. Nothing happened so far. all u say is I did this I did that.NO ONE benefits. We think only u Guys were benefitted.


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