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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Communication regarding Declaration of Probation


  1. Whether this applies to Assistant Surgeons who are in DMRHS side (or) Both DPH & DMRHS Side?

    Who will declare probation for those TNPSC selected and appointed under DPH? Any seperate orders from DPH needs to be issued?

    Please clarify.........

  2. sir,
    can u pls post the similar communication issued by DPH to DDHS delegating powers for declaration of probation of medical officers under their control.
    thanking u
    Dr vijayalakshmi

  3. sir,plz get the communication from DPH and post it in the net.dph is worst govt dept in any other dept in tamilnadu....all dds are against doctors,get bribe from the the fellow doctors its against medical ethics,medical counsil should take action against them.

  4. sir,i am a regular tnpsc candidate on dph side recently got transfered to dms side, iam yet to get my first increment,inspite of repeated representations to dd office nothing has happened. whatto do .isit my fate?there must be a doctors grivances cell at state that at least statelevel tngda people will bmo is a district treasurear.

  5. Sir,
    Can someone inform me whether there is any counselling for staff nurses transfer?



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