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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Current Status as on 31.8.2009 
  • The Committee formed to study the demands of TNGDA ubder the Chairmanship of the Special Secretary Finance has submitted the main report on the time bound promotions (person-oriented promotion to those who do not get regular promotions by 8, 15 and 20 years), creation of extra cadres @ new scales to ensure better promotion opportunities and VRS on 31.7.2009.
  • The report has been accepted by the govt. – in health, P & AR and Finance.
  • The file is on circulation
  • Hope to get the G.O. by the end of first week on the above issues.
  • The supplementary report on our demands on allowances to our cadres is in the final stages. To be finalized shortly. (delay due to the swine-flu work)
  • After this the report is to be accepted by the govt. @ Health, P&AR and Finance.
  • After a mandatory circulation, G.O.s will be issued.
  • TNGDA Representatives in the Committee – State President and the State Secretary with the active involvement of the state cabinet members are actively following the progress in the issues with all dedication on day today basis.

Overall, the situation is positive. The govt. stands committed to the assurances in the agreement. Other details will be conveyed after the issuance of G.O. 
Other issues:
  1. SCS BMOs – G.O. Ms No 197 dated 10.7.2009 issued.
  2. Fixing up of seniority – to Panchayat Union Doctors – G.O. issued.
  3. Revise duty timings of medical officers in PHC: The Committee has finalized the timings. Final sitting on 4.9.2009. Will be submitted to the govt. possibly the same day. Details after submission.
  4. 434 new posts created in DMS side. Rationalization G.O. issued. (see website)
  5. Special TNPSC for 10a1 doctors: Pending at TNPSC. Notification expected any day.
  6. Regularization orders to those cleared Special TNPSC (CMC batch): File in circulation. Expected in a day or two.
  7. Probation Declaration: exemption of mandatory administrative training – file cleared in all departments. Pending in HM office. Expected in a day or two.
  8. MMU Medical Officers: Remarks from Mission Director obtained. File getting ready in health dept. for sanction in finance. Once cleared MMU doctors will get treasury pay and pay commission arrears.

State Secretary 


  1. Don't cheat the young active members(by projecting issues not related to PAY).Any way we will see the final GO & will see our youngsters strength in forthcoming TNGDA election.........

  2. No added monetary benefits in the name of allowances has been accepted by the government..The seniors were assured of pay band 4 after 20 Yrs even before the strike & the status now is the same ...what Next ??? seems nothing for juniors...

  3. Pongada dubbagoor (Cheating) Pachangala.... you know..?.. Now TN arts College Teachers(Prof) getting Pay around 65,000 PM....
    Namakku vetkama illaiya ????.....

  4. iam a mobile medical officer.we are denied 6th pay commission pay and long will it take to implement treasary pay for us.if i know about this i will accordingly make my commitments.

  5. i have completed 23yrs of service,when will the GO come?very much upset for delay

  6. when will the GO come for completion of 20 yrs


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