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Thursday, March 5, 2009

State Executive Committee Resolutions - 01 March 2009

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Recognised by the Govt. of Tamilnadu vide Public Department G.O. Ms No. 1980 dated 7.10.1969
    STATE PRESIDENT                                           STATE SECRETARY
    Dr.S.Kanagasababathy                                                    Dr K.Senthil
            Thanjavur                                                            Madurai
                          Dr K.Jeyakumar                       Dr P.Prakash Karat
                                 Vellore                                 Ramanathapuram
State Office: 208, DAS Quarters, Govt. Rajaji Hospital, Madurai
1st Mar 2009
State Executive Committee Resolutions
The State Executive Committee Meeting of the Tamil Nadu Government Doctors’ Association was held in Thekkadi on 1st March, 2009.
The State President Dr S. Kanagasabapathy presided the meeting, Dr K. Senthil State Secretary coordinated the meeting. State Treasurers Dr Prakash Karat and Dr Jeyakumar presented the financial report.
The association regretted that inspite of repeated representations and multiple sittings to discuss the issues with the Health Secretary and the Honorable Health Minister; most of the demands, were not solved. Inspite of repeated requests the office bearers were not able to meet the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. But many assurances were given by the Honourable Health Minister and the Health Secretary were not implemented.
The doctors working in the best performing state of Tamilnadu are being paid lowest salaries and given poor promotion opportunities.
The association knowing the responsibility and the sensitiveness of their work, was refraining from any direct protest for the past 18 months. After the failure of so many rounds of talks the association is left with no options, but is forced to go for direct action to press its demands.
After elaborate deliberations, the following resolutions were passed unanimously.
1.     The TNGDA wishes a speedy recovery for the Honourable Chief Minister Dr Kalaignar from his illness and hale and healthy life.
2.     The association resolved to go in for state wide agitation to press the following 9 demands.
I.       To correct the existing anomalies in the Pay and promotion opportunities between the central and state govt. doctors (since the previous pay commission) before implementing the VI Pay commission.
The exclusive recommendation for doctors – the Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) available to the central govt. doctors since 1996 should be granted to the Tamilnadu doctors before fixing their pay slab in the VI Pay Commission.
II.     To reduce the timings of the Primary Health Centers as in Kerala and Karnataka, to 9 am to 2 pm for 6 days a week.
III.  Withdrawal of the ban in Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) for doctors.
IV.  Restoration of the 350 promotion posts (in the cadre of senior civil surgeons)
V.     Modifying the G.O. 13 of 2008 to designate faculty as Medical Council of India norms.
·  Designate entry level posts as Assistant Professor (for all qualified faculty)
·  mandatory teaching experience for promotion as associate professor should be 5 years (from entry)
VI.  Fix seniority for all panchayat union doctors absorbed in 1998 since the date of absorption.
VII.Promotion opportunities for all diploma candidates as Senior Civil Surgeon specialties in DMS side.
VIII.Post adequate specialists in CEmONC centers and trauma care centers. TNGDA resolves to stop doing CEmONC duties if there are no adequate specialists (without affecting the general duty) as specified in G.O.
IX.  To hold twice a year counseling; strictly implement counseling norms and to revert all postings issued violating counseling norms.
The TNGDA appeals to the Honorable Chief Minister to intervene and fulfill our demands.
3.     The TNGDA has resolved to go in the following modes of agitation to press its demands.
·     To hold district GB meetings all over the state on 10th March 2009 and issue press release.
·     To wear “demand badges” from 11th March to 17th March 2009. To print and distribute handbills to the public to explain our demands during this period.
·     To hold 1 hour dharna in all districts on 19th March 2009 in all district headquarters hospitals/ medical college hospitals.
·     To observe “Non Cooperation Week” from 20th March 2009 to 28th March 2009.
– wherein boycott of all varumun kappom thittam camps, FW surgeries and camps, disability camps, VIP duties, other camps,  medical board,  official meetings, all academic activities and trainings, classes – theory, clinical classes and practicals in medical colleges.
All regular patient care in the OPD, Wards, emergencies, lab and other public related activities will be attended.
·     To observe “one day token strike” on 31st March 2009. Except emergencies and life saving work all other work will be stopped.
·   To start “indefinite strike” from 15th April 2009.  All work will be stopped except emergencies.
-Signed-                                                         -Signed-     
              State Secretary                                              State President
      98946 27213                                                 94431 3039

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  1. sir, politicians & govt ll never understn our genuine protes lik weari black badges..unless v go for a state wide mass strike barrin emergen service. our demands wont be met.starti from house surgeo stipe, everythi has to be revised fairl on par wit central govt scale.kindl take necessar actio for gettin our fair demands.


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