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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Letter from State Secretary

Dr K.Senthil M.D. (Gen)
State Secretary, 
Tamilnadu Government Doctors’ Association
3rd March 2009
Dear friends,

Best Wishes and greetings.

Thanks for your cooperation in all our past efforts in demanding the Pay / Promotion Parity with the central govt. doctors and in all the other issues.

But now it is time to give our best efforts. Show our Unity.

Pay and Promotion parity is not just the salary part alone. It is our right. When the central govt. doctors and neighboring state doctors have better pay and working atmosphere, we after bringing our state to the top in India, claim our due.

It is time to show our solidarity. Right from the junior most assistant surgeon joined under 10a1 rule or a mobile scheme or under HSP / compulsory post PG postings (all those recruited under Tamilnadu Medical Service) to the senior most Professor or Senior Civil Surgeons and to the cadre of Directors – every one should join the agitation.

Unity is strength. Unity is victory.

No matter your position is. Not regularized, Not declared probation, not cleared special TNPSC, about to retire, due for promotion – it is your duty join the agitation. Every time; in 1986, 1996 – we were not given the due. Now, it is a life time agitation.

Right from our respected Health Minister of TN, Health Secretary, Union Health Minister, most political parties support our rightful cause. Our minister assured for rectification of the pay disparity in the floor of the assembly. But from confidential sources we learn that no suggestions were agreed upon for us by the Pay Committee.

The central govt. doctors are getting lot more salary than our state counterparts. They are getting Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) – recommended exclusively for doctors by the V and VI Pay Commission – ie promotion in 4, 9 and 13 years. Vacancy based promotion only beyond the existing scale of 14300. This they get from 1996 through the V Pay Commission.

We demand this status after 12 years; before the next Pay Commission; after bringing the health care delivery system in our state to the top in the country.

No where in a democratic country were the members penalized for a legitimate agitation, to press their demands. Even those punished by the previous govt. have all cleared of all the charges. So, do not hesitate. This agitation is for you, for us. Join and involve yourselves.

We are not politically inclined. Any govt. is equal to us. But, all along, govt. doctors were given the best possible offers only during the governance of the present CM. During our last pay commission struggle in 1998, we were given 2000 senior civil surgeons posts by the present CM. We were given the “Hospital Protection Act” and “G.O. issuing the protocol to be followed to arrest doctors for any hospital deaths” were all given by the present CM.

This time either we have not reached him or not reached him properly.

Please think. This is very important. Everything else is next. Please sink all differences if any amongst us; be it personal or otherwise.

All the district office bearers are requested to form an “action committee” to coordinate the agitation. Active members are requested to enroll themselves with the district office bearers and help them in coordinating the agitation.

We insist on rectification of anomalies in the Pay and promotion opportunities before implementing the VI Pay commission.

The exclusive recommendation for doctors – the Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) available to the central govt. doctors since 1996 should be granted to the Tamilnadu doctors before fixing their pay slab in the VI Pay Commission. If not we may loose lot of benefits. Govt. has many commitments. Unless we ask, we may not get it.

Junior doctors should be very responsive to this call. TNGDA has always been special to them. Be it – a special TNPSC, 2 years PG eligibility, second special TNPSC, we are there to help them. Now it is your duty to reciprocate. Join the agitation.

Time to quote our past State President’s words:
“nalla padaigal illatha thalaivanum, nalla thalaivan illatha padagalum vettri pettrathillai”.
Best wishes…


  1. To;
    All the Officials who are concerned,

    General grievances of all the General Public who cannot get telephone connections to the government general hospital attached to the madras medical college headed by the Dean and controlled by the D.M.E:

    Since I cannot get the telephone connection to the G.H constantly during the Advocate’s Clash with the Police I was constrained to probe into the following:
    In the G.H there are totally eight telephone operators posted but only one console to be operated at a time since the other console is under repair for ever right from its inception and only one operator can do duty at a time and hence only three operators are doing the morning, evening and night shift duty every day and the other five operators take unofficial offs every day and I do not know how many days in a month they are doing their duty and moreover on enquiry it is learnt that one operator is doing sari business in the G.H by keeping adequate stocks in the telephone room itself and one is canvassing government staffs for transfers and other house allotments and postings in govt. through ministers p.a and the rest are mostly engaged with loose talks and local fun with the police constables from the out post station. One technician who is responsible to control the telephone board and the telephone operators Andrew is not at all controlling them and neither the RMO or the Dean (who is mainly engaged in his court cases for the post of DME) have got the time to take care or to note the mishap taking place in the G.H where huge govt. money is spent with a net result the general public is suffering without being able to get proper telephone connections even in the day time and leave alone at night and moreover this is one of the most important hospital in the State and so many people may have to contact this hospital for various reasons from the entire state and also from the entire country and if we do not get the connection in emergency situation even to the trauma ward, imcu, anatomy department, forensic department or the mortuary then what is the need for the govt. to spend so much on the payment of salaries for all these eight telephone operators who are paid full salary for the part time work they are doing at G.H without any accountability. It seems all the eight telephone operators are working continuously for more than 20 years in the same place and hence they are dominating the office staff and the doctors and they cannot be controlled or questioned and in most of the occasions even if we are lucky enough to get connection to the G.H we cannot succeed to get connected to the required extension since we get only the recorded message and even beyond that if we are extremely lucky to talk to the operator then the constant reply from the duty operators would be it is either busy or out of order and there is no one to check nor control their atrocities.
    Kindly enquire into the above complaints and take severe action on the concerned telephone operators and help all the general public to get connected to the G.H departments for better and faster communications.

    By the voice of an aggrieved general public.

  2. yes fully agree with your stand its our right so lets unite and act faster because no one has understood how much we actually deserve before people make move and fix the pay we have to make our stand clear decision has to be made tomorrow and act the day after

  3. Greetings to all

    Yes sir fully agree with your stand . doctors have not realized the central government pay commission. We have to take decision by tommorrow and act day after as there s not much time . Because people in all departments are happy and they may implement but we have to get what we deserve before they fix this.


  4. Dear Dr.Senthil

    We stand by your good intention in bringing up the lost dignity of doctors in this pay commission

    Dr.Isaac Christian Moses

  5. Dear Sir
    Will u release the outcome of the Pay promotion Committee's report
    Dr Murali


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