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Friday, October 18, 2002

Counselling for transfer and promotion Letter No. 35497/A1/2002-1 dated 18-10-2002



Chennai – 600 009.

Health & Family Welfare Department

Letter No. 35497/A1/2002-1 dated 18-10-2002


Tmt. Girija Vaiyanathan, IAS

Secretary to Government.


All Heads of Departments.


Sub : Establishment – Health and Family Welfare Department –

Counselling for transfer and promotion – Guidelines – Further

Instructions issued.

Ref :- G.O (Rt) No.2143, Health, dated 8-10-2002.

I am directed to issue the following further instructions is continuation to the Guidelines issued in the Government Order citied :-

i) Medical Officers and Para Medical staff who are newly recruited as well as the Medical Officers who report for duty on completion of the Post Graduate Degree Course should be posted only in the Districts which come under category 4(iii) in the case of Directorate of Medical and Rural Health Services and category 4(v) in the case of Primary Health Centres mentioned in the Government Order cited.

ii) During Counselling for transfer of Medical / Para Medical staff within the Directorate, Station seniority will be criteria meant for priority whereas in the case of inter directorate transfers, CML seniority will be criteria for priority for counseling.

iii) Whenever situation arises for filling up of vacant post due to retirement or otherwise in the Ministerial Service under the control of health and Family Welfare Department by promotion, Counselling should be conducted for placement on promotion

Yours faithfully

For Secretary to Government

Copy to : All Officers in Health and Family Welfare Department, Chennai -9.

All Service Sections in Health and Family Welfare Department, Chennai -9.

Senior / Special Personal Assistant to Minister for Health, Chennai -9.

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